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Online Undergraduate Handbook

Assessed coursework

Assessed coursework rules

The following guidelines detail School rules on the presentation and submission of coursework that you complete for Alliance MBS courses. Please note that these rules may be supplemented by additional guidelines provided by your lecturer on individual courses.

You will find information relating to:

  • Format and Presentation of Assessed Coursework
  • Referencing and Plagiarism
  • Length of Assessed Coursework
  • Submission of Assessed Coursework - procedures to follow
  • Penalties for Late Submission of Coursework
  • Coursework Extensions

Please note that for courses taken outside of Alliance MBS (i.e. non 'BMAN' courses) coursework procedures may vary. Please refer to the relevant School for specific information on submission arrangements and coursework assessment in respect of non-Alliance MBS courses.

Presentation and Submission of Coursework

Blackboard Submissions of Coursework for BMAN courses

Exceptionally you may be asked to submit your coursework by hard copy. These are the procedures you should follow:

Procedure to follow when you submit coursework in paper copy