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How can I receive Feedback on Examinations

How can I receive Feedback on Examinations

Students often ask for feedback on their examination performance. Given the number of students taking Alliance MBS courses it is not possible for all staff to provide this on an individual basis. Therefore, Course Co-ordinators are asked to provide a form of generic feedback on the overall examination performance via the course's Blackboard space. This normally takes the form of how each question was answered and on overall class performance – what students did well, what could be improved, where there were weaknesses. If a student would like to check their examination script against the generic feedback then they can request to do this via the Assessment Team (without charge). 

  • Please bring your student ID card with you on the day of the script viewing and paper/pen should you wish to make notes.

It is important to note that not all scripts will be available to view once results are released as some scripts may be in the possession of the External Examiner.

Whilst students may have sight of the original work with marks and comments (e.g. examination scripts, online examinations and other summative assessment such as coursework, projects and dissertations) the originals are retained by the University for one year following the relevant final Examination Board.

What will you find on your examination script?

An indication that all questions have been marked by a tick or a short sentence; where marks have been earned and the overall marks awarded. Any comments on the script are predominantly part of the marking process and are not extensive in the way that feedback is provided on coursework. 

What won’t you find on your examination script?

You should not expect to find detailed written comments on an examination script as you would for coursework; commentary on performance is provided in the generic feedback to all students.

Please note that there will not be the opportunity to discuss your performance at the viewing of your examination script. There is the opportunity, within reason, for a student to seek clarification and further feedback from the lecturer for the course however students are reminded that there can be no appeals concerning matters of academic judgement.