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Late arrival

Late arrival for an examination

Candidates are not permitted to enter the examination room after the lapse of 30 minutes from the start of the examination. If a candidate is more than 30 minutes late they will not be allowed to sit the examination.

No candidate shall be allowed to leave the room during the first 30 minutes of the examination or the last 15 minutes of the examination.

Candidates arriving late will not receive any additional time at the end of the examination, nor will they be permitted to continue the examination outside of the examination room. In examinations of 1 hour duration, candidates are not allowed to leave the examination room until the end of the examination.

Candidates who, for whatever reason, turn up late to an examination (i.e. after the first 30 minutes), and are not permitted to enter the examination room, should let the School know by informing the Assessment and Student Support Centre (D14 AMBSE or email ).

Detailed information is provided on My Manchester with quick tips and helpful advice on conduct during examinations and invigilator announcements.