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Resit & first sit exams

Resit & first sit exams

The University of Manchester policy concerning the location of resit examinations is that resit examinations are taken only at the University of Manchester campus and under no circumstances will arrangements be made for students to take resits at any other location than the University of Manchester.

Please note that resit examinations are not available to Alliance MBS exchange students.

The resit examination period is set by the University’s Examinations Office. This has been set for 20th - 31st August 2018. The exact dates of the individual resit examinations are published by the University Student Services Centre, on the Student Portal via My Manchester, usually towards the end of July. No resit examinations are held at any times other than those published by the Student Services Centre.

The University charges a set fee (£75 in 2015/16) for entry to resit examinations; this fee covers all resits taken by a student in any one year.

The resit papers will be unseen examinations with a pass mark of 40%. The resit mark will normally be based on 100% examination (i.e., coursework marks will NOT be carried forward and included with the mark).

In courses assessed by coursework only, a rework as opposed to a resit will be the norm.

Students who achieve lower marks in the resit examinations than the January/June examinations will not be permitted to substitute the January/June marks. The resit marks will be used to determine progression to the next year of the programme.

N.B. In the case of Year 2 BSc International Management and BSc IMABS students, the timing of resit examinations may not allow students to start their third year with partner institutions. In respect of students with passes to the value of 100/110 credits the Board of Examiners will determine whether an alternative method of assessment may be permitted to allow the student the opportunity to continue with their year on exchange. Where this is not considered appropriate, students on these programmes will be required to transfer to the final year of the BSc (Hons) in Management programme on successful completion of their resit examinations.

'First Sits' (for first and second year students only)

On recommendation of the Mitigating Circumstances Panel, the Board of Examiners may permit Year 1 and Year 2 students who are absent from examinations with sufficient medical or other reason to take examinations for the first time ('first sits') at the August resit stage. The pass mark will be 40%.

The mark obtained in these 'first sit' examinations will be combined with the coursework mark, if coursework is applicable, recorded in the student's transcript and used to calculate the end of year average mark and subsequent progression to the next year of the programme.

There will be no opportunity for a resit in that year if the student fails the examination in August/September. Students in this category who are absent from the August/September examination without sufficient documented cause will be deemed to have failed that course.

Normal compensation rules apply to August/September 'first sit' examinations.

Students should note that for full year modules taken as a 'first sit', the reassessment may include material from both semesters.

N.B. In the case of Year 2 International Management and IMABS students, the timing of these 'first sit' examinations will not allow students to start their third year with partner institutions and the Mitigating Circumstances Panel may suggest alternative methods of assessment in place of Year 2 'first sits'. Where this is impractical, students on these programmes who are offered 'first sits' in respect of second year course units may be required to transfer to the final year of the BSc (Hons) in Management programme on successful completion of the August/September 'first sits'.