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Assessment and Student Support Centre (ASSC)

The Assessment and Student Support Centre offers advice, guidance and support on any issues that may affect your ability to study and can also signpost you to other support services within the University.  The arrangements for the School's examinations and other forms of assessment are also handled by staff in the ASSC.

Support and advice is most commonly given on:


The Assessment and Student Support Centre is based in Alliance MBS East room D14.  The office is open to students to either drop in or by appointment:

Staff and contact details

The email address is:

The staff of the Assessment and Student Support Centre are:

Gill Clarke, Manager

Tel: 0161.306.3511

Students with queries in respect of examinations or assessment related problems should contact Kelly Salimian whose details are below, or via the Student Support email address

Kelly Salimian, Senior Assessment Administrator

Tel: 0161.306.3520

Samina Ali, Assessment Assistant

Tel: 0161.306.3409

If the School cannot resolve your query you will be referred to the University’s central examinations office (based in Student Services) which is responsible for matters such as examination timetables and allocation of rooms for examinations.

Student requiring advice, guidance and/or support on any issues that may be affecting your ability to study should contact either Jenny Brown or Gary Halliwell whose details are below, or via the Student Support email address

Jenny Brown, Student Support Co-ordinator

Tel: 0161.306.3502

Gary Halliwell, Student Support Assistant

Tel: 0161.275.0787

Statement on confidentiality

Students can be seen in private and any personal problems that are affecting your studies will be treated in the strictest of confidence.  However, the purpose of this office is to help you keep on track with your studies and to assist you to make a success of your time as a student.  As such we do not feel it would be in your interests to provide a strictly confidential service and you should be aware that we will share some details of our discussion with other staff involved in the interest of best supporting you.  This might be academic staff, the disability support office or the counselling service but would not normally include anyone from outside the University.  If you would be uncomfortable with this kind of disclosure then you may feel that you would be better being referred to a support agency within the University which maintains a strictly confidential service such as Occupational Health, Counselling or Academic Advisement.