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Academic advisors

Academic advisors

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Why do you have an academic advisor?

Your academic advisor can:
- Discuss your career aspirations
- Help you develop your CV
- Write your academic reference when you apply for a job
- Act as an intermediary for your feedback on your experience and your course units
- Help you with your Personal Development Plan
- Offer academic guidance and advice

Make sure you develop a good relationship with your academic advisor because as mentioned they write your academic reference when you apply for a job. Not only that, but they are a great point of reference – there is a lot they can offer you.

What you do in the classroom counts

Developing practical, academic and transferable skills are not only vital to ensure you achieve well during your studies but will also ensure you are adequately equipped and prepared for working life. Contained within the full course description for each of your course units there is information outlining that what you are learning in the classroom can help you become more employable.  Tutorials are designed to critically and interactively engage through group discussions and individual/group presentations that subsequently build confidence as well as presentation and teamwork skills. Work within groups to deliver projects and presentations provides the opportunity to develop leadership and project management capabilities that are highly demanded by many professional jobs in a wide variety of public and private sector organisations. Taking on the role of Student Representative for your programme can also develop your team working, communication and, organisational skills that will definitely improve your CV.