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How do I make myself more employable?

How do I make myself more employable?

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While the Careers Service offers a brilliant service for the whole university, here at Alliance MBS we do offer you tailored advice, information and events for you to attend to help you improve your employability and knowledge of how to find work.

A degree is often not enough to make you stand out from the crowd of other applicants. Your experience is what will distinguish you from other candidates when you are trying to get a job. There is more to getting an experience than internships and summer jobs. Check out the following pages to see other types of experiences and how the University will help you get them. Remember not to worry; it is never too late to start getting experience! But the earlier you start the better.


Joining a society is an excellent way to improve your employability as you will develop transferable skills through teamwork, project management, marketing and leadership as well as be able to demonstrate that you can juggle the responsibility of your studies with extracurricular activities. Try to make sure that you are as active as possible because that will be of most benefit to you and the society itself. If you think you could do it then think about running for a position of responsibility (Social sec, Treasurer, President etc.) to improve your employability even further and have a bigger impact within the society.

Programme based societies will help you improve you commercial awareness which is perfect for deciding on and taking into your career; societies which are aimed towards developing your experience such as through job exchange or volunteering: then there are societies simply based on similar interest. All of these things show a recruiter that you go beyond your beyond your studies and actually have an interest in things outside your academic requirements.

There is a list of Alliance MBS student societies in the UG Handbook along with links to their webpages if you click on the My Student Support tab or here. Don’t forget that these are not the only societies within the University - go to the Student Fair in Welcome Week, ask at the Students' Union or go to their webpage to find more.


Volunteering is a great way to improve your employability whilst helping the community. You’ll develop your skills, meet new people and make a difference at the same time. The University can help you find volunteer work, for more information click here.


A mentor helps you discover what a job or a career sector is really like and get ahead with inside tips and advice. Your mentor could be on a career path that interests you or have graduated from the same course as you. The University runs a Manchester Gold mentoring scheme to facilitate this. There are many mentors who are there to help and share their experiences with you; you may as well make the most of them! Find out more about the Manchester Gold mentoring scheme and how to apply here.