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The CFA programme partnership

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What is the CFA Institute?

The CFA Institute is a global association of investment professionals with more than 90,000 members and 135 societies worldwide. The CFA Institute publishes research, conducts professional development programmes and sets ethics-based professional and performance reporting standards for the investment industry. They also offer a range of educational services across the world and the associated professional exams. The CFA ® Programme is an educational programme that entails three levels of exams. Level I exams are held in June and December and Levels II and III are only held in June. The exams occur at CFA Institute test centres. It is widely considered as the investment profession's most rigorous credentialing programme with less than one in five candidates enrolling in the programme achieving success in earning the CFA ® Charter. To become a CFA Charter holder, all CFA Institute requirements have to be met in addition to passing all three levels of the exams sequentially and adhering to specified standards of professional conduct.

To access the CFA website go to

What is the CFA programme partnership?

The CFA Institute has partnerships with select universities around the world that have imbedded a minimum 70% of the CFA ® Programme Candidate Body of Knowledge (curriculum) into their degree programmes. Recognition as a partner signals that the degree's curriculum is closely tied to professional practice and is well suited to students preparing to sit for the CFA ® examinations.

Which AMBS Undergraduate degree programmes are accredited to the partnership?

BA Econ (Accounting and Finance streams), BSc Management (Accounting and Finance) and BA/BSc International Business, Finance and Economics.

Which AMBS Postgraduate degree programmes are accredited to the partnership?

MSc Finance and MSc Accounting and Finance.

No other MBS degree programmes are currently linked to the partnership.  However, students from any programme can apply for scholarships if they fulfil the academic criteria.

What is the primary benefit of the programme partnership?

The CFA Institute offers a total of 11 Student CFA Scholarships per year to students studying at Alliance Manchester Business School. The 11 scholarships are applicable for the fiscal period 1st July to the following 30th June and therefore relate to one December and one June sitting of the CFA exams. The scholarships are awarded at all levels. To be eligible to apply as an undergraduate, students MUST be in their final year of their degree programme. Postgraduate applicants MUST be currently registered on an MSc or MBA programme.

What is the Scholarship?

For the current Level exam offering (subject to change at any time), the CFA Programme enrolment fee is waived and the exam registration fee is discounted. Scholarship recipients pay only the cost of curriculum (texts) plus any applicable taxes and import duties. For more information, please visit the following link:

Students wishing to apply via the CFA website should download the partner based scholarship application form and the CFA Programme Partner Scholarship Application both of which are under the Awareness Scholarship.

At the moment, successful candidates for the CFA Scholarship only pay $350 which includes the e-book.

How do students apply for a scholarship?

  • To apply for a student scholarship, navigate to and log in to your account. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one by clicking on the 'Create and Account' link. Further information on how to do this can be found here
  • Students should not register before receiving the scholarship award confirmation email, as refunds are not guaranteed. Students who have already registered for a CFA Program exam will not be considered for a Student Scholarship.
  • Email your interest to Margaret Nelson, Divisional Coordinator, AMBS Accounting and Finance Division (  Your email must include copies of your university exam transcripts, university coursework results, your CV and a cover letter detailing why you should be considered for the Scholarship.  Print off and complete the scholarship application paperwork from the CFA website.  The completed application form needs to be signed by Sungjun Cho, Lecturer in Accounting and Finance at AMBS (can be scanned in).  Applications will not be considered until all of the paperwork has been received in full.

    Please note: Margaret Nelson is not responsible for reviewing any applications, she will just pass your paperwork onto the appropriate member of staff - please do not email her about the progress of your application.
  • You will be sent an appointment date and time to discuss your application with a member of staff from the Accounting and Finance Division. If your application is successful, you will be informed via email. At that stage, the CFA Director will email or fax the signed and completed application form to the CFA Institute Scholarship Office, Charlottesville, USA, on 00 434 951 5290.

Academic requirements

Undergraduates will only be considered if they have achieved an average mark of 65% or above in their university exams and coursework to date. Postgraduates must have achieved a high 2:1 at undergraduate level and have an average mark of 65% or above in their MSc exams and / or coursework to date.

For MBA students, previous academic records will be considered in addition to any employer recommendation letters.

You can apply for scholarships as long as you are a student at AMBS even if the exam may fall outside of your study time.

What are the deadlines for applying for a scholarship?

If applying for a scholarship for the June 2019 Level I exams, the CFA Institute must receive the correctly completed application paperwork by  1 February 2019.

The scholarship application date for the December 2019 exam is 1 September 2019.

Given the above deadlines, please ensure timely receipt of your application by the AMBS academics so that appropriate deliberation and consideration can be given to an application. Please note that the Program Directors and associated staff will not be hastened or pressured into making rushed decisions. It is in the students' interest to ensure applications are received well before the above deadlines.

How much study time is involved at each level of exams?

The CFA Institute believes that candidates need to commit to a minimum of 250 hours reading and reviewing the curriculum and taking online sample and mock exams to master the material.