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ICAEW professional stage credits

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The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

Below are the current arrangements for accreditation between the University of Manchester and the ICAEW.

Please note, the ICAEW grant us exemptions where the content of our courses overlaps with their syllabus.  Should their syllabus change at any time, this may affect our accreditation arrangements.  You should therefore consult the ICAEW website to obtain the most up to date information.

Please note that ICAEW will review applications for access arrangements, and awards may differ to those previously awarded

by the university. Full guidance on Access Arrangements are available on the ICAEW website.


ICAEW PAPER Awarded on the basis of passes in Minimum Pass Mark required for all courses


BMAN10501/BMAN10501M Financial Reporting OR

BMAN10621A/ BMAN10621M  Fundamentals of Financial Reporting


BMAN21020  Financial Reporting and Accountability



BMAN10760 Auditing and Professional Accounting Practice


Business Technology and Finance

Credit will be awarded to students who obtain an award of 2:1 or above in a related degree with a good mixture of Business and Accounting courses.


BMAN10901 Law in a Management Context AND

BMAN24042 Business Law I: Law, Business Liabilities and the Consumer AND

BMAN24052 Business Law II: Law and Modern Corporation in an International Context






Management Information

BMAN10512/BMAN10512M  Introductory Management Accounting OR BMAN10632/BMAN10632M Fundamentals of Management Accounting

BMAN21040 Intermediate Management Accounting




Business Strategy and Technology


2012 Graduates Only

BMAN10512 Introductory Management Accounting

BMAN21040 Intermediate Management Accounting

BMAN20440 Accounting for Business and Professional Practice

Graduates from 2013 onwards

BMAN10512/ BMAN10512M Introductory Management Accounting

BMAN21040 Intermediate Management Accounting AND

BMAN20812 Business Strategy





Financial Management

BMAN10522/BMAN10522M  Financial Decision Making OR BMAN10552 Fundamentals of Finance

BMAN23000A/ BMAN23000B Foundations of Finance

BMAN30091 Financial Derivatives



Principles of Taxation

BMAN24111 Principles of Taxation