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Referencing and Plagiarism

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Make sure to cite your sources in the main text and that you list them all at the end in a reference section. This allows the marker to see which references you have used and how/where they have informed your analysis and argument.

The University Library’s My Learning Essentials is an award-winning skills programme which offers a number of online tutorials and workshops. For example, the ‘Writing’ resource will take you through the writing process from start to finish and help you to produce a well-structured and coherent piece of work that answers the question, evidences your own analysis and is easy for the reader to follow. The ‘Referencing’ resource explores the principles behind referencing, highlighting why it is good academic practice. It outlines when and how you need to reference and how to read a reference when following a source listed on a reading list or bibliography. The ‘Original Thinking Allowed: Avoiding Plagiarism’ resource explores some of the issues surrounding academic integrity, providing you with techniques to help you to avoid plagiarism when referring to the work of others and to add your own voice into your work.

In addition to the online tutorials workshops are also available:

Academic Writing – structuring for effective essays

Academic Writing – referencing in your writing

My Learning Essentials (The University of Manchester Library)

Failure to properly cite and reference material may raise questions about plagiarism, which the University and AMBS take very seriously. You should read and make sure you understand the contents of the University document Plagiarism and Other Forms of Academic Malpractice – Guidance for Students before you submit your coursework to make sure that you don’t commit academic malpractice unintentionally or otherwise. When you are ready to upload your work online you will be acknowledging a disclaimer at the point of submission that the work you are submitting is your own.