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Please note the following University statement on proofreading:

If a student chooses to approach another person to proofread their written work, or seeks to use a proofreading service or agency, they must take account of the following principles:

i. It is the responsibility of students to ensure that all work submitted is their own and that it represents their own abilities and understanding. Any proofreading of work that is undertaken by a third party must not compromise the student’s own authorship of the work;

ii. Proofreading undertaken by a third party must not take the form of editing of text, such as the adding or rewriting of phrases or passages within a piece of student’s work;

iii. Proofreading undertaken by a third party must not change the content or meaning of the work in any way.

Note: The University Library’s My Learning Essentials provides an online tutorial, Better Safe than Sorry: Proofreading Your Work, which allows you to learn and apply techniques to ensure you check your work properly.