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Coursework Extensions

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It may be that an extension to the submission deadline will be permitted (in accordance with the University’s Policy on Mitigating Circumstances). In such cases AMBS Student Support and Guidance will liaise with the Course Co-ordinator on the granting of an extension. Unless prior agreement to a late submission has been arranged penalties will be applied to work which is handed in after a set deadline. An extension will only be granted where strong mitigating circumstances exist.

(As mentioned above, the demand on University computing facilities will not be considered as mitigating circumstances. It is every student’s responsibility to plan for unexpected circumstances such as minor illness as well as allowing sufficient time in the event of peak system usage. Always aim to submit your work ahead of time to allow time for any last minute problems to be resolved.)

Where to submit your completed Request for Mitigation Form

Once you have completed your Request for Mitigation Form you should submit this along with your supporting evidence (e.g. Medical Note) to AMBS Student Support and Guidance either via email or in person.

Full information on the Mitigating Circumstances process can be found in this handbook.


Mitigating Circumstances

Coursework Rules