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Penalties for Late Submission of Coursework

Penalties for Late Submission of Coursework

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Unexcused late submission of assessed work will be penalised in order to avoid the unfair advantaging and disadvantaging of students.

Unless granted a formal extension for submitting coursework by AMBS’s Student Support Team, a mark penalty will apply in the case of late submission of an assignment.

A day constitutes the 24 hour period following the submission deadline.


The mark awarded will reduce by 10% of the maximum amount available per 24 hours (e.g. if the work is marked out of 100, this means a deduction of 10 marks for each 24 hours late. If the work is marked out of 20, the deduction would be 2 marks for each 24 hours late.) The penalty applies as soon as an assignment is late; a 10% deduction would be issued if an assignment is submitted immediately after the deadline, and the work would continue to attract further penalties for each subsequent 24 hours the work was late, until the assignment is submitted or no marks remain.

All days including Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays count. This will be regardless of how much the assessed work counts towards the final mark.

Late penalties are determined by the time on the receipt you receive i.e. it is not the time when you click to upload your work. It follows that you should allow yourself sufficient time to submit your work before the deadline and that you don’t leave it until the last minute.


Please note that this is in accordance with the University’s Policy on Submission of Work for Summative Assessment on Taught Programmes and it is not at the discretion of the School or the individual lecturer to abate the policy.  

This guidance relates to first attempts only. Students who submit referral assignments after the deadline will be automatically subject to a mark of zero. There is no sliding scale in operation for resits/referrals.