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Examination Boards

Examination Boards

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Examination Boards

The meeting of an Examination Board is an important occasion.  For students it represents the culmination of their period of study that is important for their future.  For staff it represents the output for their teaching and support of the students and their learning.  For the University it represents the opportunity to verify that academic standards are appropriate in the relevant subject with the help of External Examiners.

Examination Boards operate on the authority of Senate but are organised and administered by Schools under the direction of the Head of School.    Within the framework of the University’s degree regulations, an Examination Board will reach decisions on the award of a final degree classification and decisions on progression through each year of the programme.

No student names are used during the decision making process at any type of Examination Board; referencing is by Student ID numbers only.  The purpose of this is to remove any opportunity for bias in the decision making process.

AMBS has the following Examination Boards:

Award Boards decide upon and issue final awards with External Examiner input. 

Progression Boards consider marks of individual students for the purposes of deciding upon progression and reassessment from Years 1 to 2, 2 to 3 at Undergraduate level and from Diploma to Dissertation stage for Postgraduate Taught students. 

Resit Boards consider the performance of students in the August re-assessment period (referrals and deferrals) for the purposes of progression.

Divisional and Course Unit Boards consider the course units offered by the Academic Division and the range of assessment; reflect on student performance; standards set and achieved and inform the Award/Progression Boards of any issues arising.

Dates of Examination Boards in 2020

Award Boards

Final Year Undergraduate: 22nd June 2020

Postgraduate Taught: TBC


Progression Boards

1st Year Undergraduate: 30 June 2020

2nd Year Undergraduate: 25 June 2020

Postgraduate Taught: TBC


Resit Boards

Undergraduate: 8 September 2020

Postgraduate Taught: TBC


Mitigating Circumstances and Examination Boards

Requests for mitigating circumstances are considered by a Mitigating Circumstances Panel in advance of the meeting of the Examination Board.  If the Mitigating Circumstances Panel has accepted that a student’s performance may have been significantly affected by personal circumstances, this will be reported to the Examination Board.  It is then the Examination Board that will determine how to apply the recommendations of the Mitigating Circumstances Panel in light of the student’s assessment results.  In each case, the Board will start from the available assessment results and the decision that they imply.

Regulations for UG awards


BSc Accounting with/without Industrial/Professional Experience

BSc Information Technology Management for Business with/without Industrial Experience

BA/BSc International Business, Finance and Economics with/without Industrial/Professional Experience

BSc International Management

BSc International Management with American Business Studies

BSc Management / Management (specialism) with/without Industrial/Professional Experience


Understanding compensation rules