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Examination Timetables

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The examination timetables are drawn up centrally in the University and not in Alliance MBS. The University uses students' confirmed choice of courses which have been entered up on the University Student System to register students for examinations.

Students registered for examinations need to download their own individual examination timetable from the 'My Learning' tab of  'My Manchester'. This includes the dates, times, locations and duration of your examinations. Print or save a copy of your timetable early on so you always know where your examinations are, even when you don't have access to the internet. The central examinations office (based in Student Services) will notify students as to when the timetable is available.

If there are any problems with your timetable, such as missing exams or exams that you're not expecting to take, fill out the Exam Amendment form (using the link next to your examination timetable in My Manchester). Your examination entry will then be amended although the new details will not appear on the student portal as alterations to the portal cannot be made once initial data has been published.

It is important that you obtain your own copy of the timetable as this gives you all the relevant details of your examinations, including your own personal seat number in each examination room. Some examinations may be split across more than one room and it is vital that you go to the correct room where each student has a pre-allocated seat.

Please note that examinations will be held across the whole campus, from Sackville Street to the Armitage Centre on Moseley Road in Fallowfield.

It is advisable to keep a constant check on your student e-mail in case of any late announcements in respect of examinations.

The examination timetable is produced using dedicated software for which the overarching factor is the production of a timetable with no, or as few as possible, student clashes. The University will try to ensure that students have a spread of examination dates across the examination period, however in many cases this is not possible given the institutional constraints on the number of venues available, the number of examinations that are scheduled to take place and the options available to students on any particular programme of study. The full extent of the examination period will be used. This means that some examinations will be held immediately at the start of the examination period; some examinations may be timetabled on the same day or on successive days, or you may find that there is a long gap between the examinations you are taking. Whilst the University makes every effort to avoid the clustering of examinations on a student's examination timetable this is sometimes unavoidable. Please note that the University does not normally regard assessments that are scheduled close together as grounds for mitigation.

Examinations can be, and often are, timetabled up to and including the last day of the second semester. You should therefore ensure that you will be available to sit an examination up to the end of the examination period and you should not make commitments e.g. booking flights.

Exceptionally, Alliance MBS will use the afternoon prior to the start of the scheduled semester 2 examination period. For any course unit this applies to, students will be notified at the start of the year. 

Extraordinarily, events may occur on the day of an examination which may cause the examination to be abandoned (e.g. evacuation due to the fire alarm sounding). In such cases the examination will be re-scheduled to another date within the same examination period. Please be aware that if you do not attend the re-scheduled examination then it is very likely that you will be required to return in the August examination period.

The University does NOT accept failure to read the timetable correctly as an acceptable reason for absence.