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Examination board

Examination board - Basic rules

Board of Examiners

The Board of Examiners has the responsibility to operate the progression rules in a manner which is fair to the students, taking into account all the known circumstances. Within the framework of the University's degree regulations, the Board of Examiners will reach decisions relating to the award of a final degree classification and decisions on progression through each year of the programme

External Examiners

The External Examiners are responsible for ensuring the fairness and quality of the assessment procedures. They moderate second and final year courses, attend the final year Examiners' Boards and provide a written report to the University authorities.

Marking Scheme for Examined Courses

Examination papers and assessed coursework work are graded by the examiners into categories which relate to those used for final degree classification i.e. 1st, 2.1, 2.2, 3rd, unclassified and Fail, as follows:

  • For class 1, not less than 70.0%
  • For class 2i, less than 70.0% but not less than 60.0%
  • For class 2ii, less than 60.0% but not less than 50.0%
  • For class 3, less than 50.0% but not less than 40.0%
  • Fail (compensatable fail), less than 40.00 but not less than 30.0%
  • Fail (non-compensatable fail), less than 30.0%

Mitigating Circumstances and Board of Examiners

Requests for mitigating circumstances will be considered by a Mitigating Circumstances Panel in advance of the meeting of the Board of Examiners. If the Mitigating Circumstances Panel has evidence to indicate that the assessment performance of a student may have been significantly affected by personal circumstances, mitigation will be approved. It is then the Board of Examiners that will determine how to apply it given the student's assessment results and based on the recommendation of the Mitigating Circumstances Panel. For each case, the Board will start from the available assessment results and the decision that they imply.


Information on the options available to the Board of Examiners can be found on the Mitigating Circumstances page.

Resit and First Sit Examinations

Information on Resit and First Sit Examinations can be found on the Resit and First Sit exams page of the handbook


Repeating the Level

A student may be permitted to repeat the level ie Year 1 or Year 2 in attendance at the discretion of the Board of Examiners. This will normally only be permitted under special circumstances.

As it is only permissible to attempt an examination on a maximum of three occasions, students who are permitted to repeat the year and fail to progress at the July Examination Board will not normally be permitted to resit failed courses again except under special circumstances.

The Board of Examiners will not permit students who repeat a year to repeat a year for a second time. This applies whether the same year is failed again or another year is failed.

This would apply to:

  • a student on an honours programme who repeats the first year and then fails it again;
  • a student on an honours programme who repeats the first year, passes the first year and then fails the second year;
  • a student on an honours programme who repeats the second year and then fails it again.

In the above circumstances students would normally be excluded.

Students who are permitted to repeat a year in attendance are required to register for the programme, pay fees, attend ALL classes (lectures, seminars, labs, workshops etc), attend ALL examinations and complete ALL coursework requirements regardless of whether they have previously passed any of the courses which they are repeating. Such students are not permitted to carry forward any marks for examinations or coursework which they undertook during the previous year.