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Illness during an Examination

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If you are taken ill during an examination and are unable to complete it, you should obtain medical evidence of your condition as soon as you can. This could be from your Doctor or the University’s Occupational Health located as follows:

Undergraduate Students - Waterloo Place, 182/184 Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9GP, Telephone: 0161 275 2858, Email:

You should inform the AMBS Student Support and Guidance Team located in AMBS (2.091), Telephone: 0161 306 8989, Email: without delay. You should also complete a Request for Mitigation Form

Where to submit your completed Request for Mitigation Form

Once you have completed your Request for Mitigation Form you should submit this along with your supporting evidence (e.g. Medical Note) to AMBS Student Support and Guidance either via email or in person.

Full information on the Mitigating Circumstances process can be found in this handbook.