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External Examiners

External Examiners

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External Examiners are individuals from another institution or organisation who monitor the assessment processes of the University to ensure fairness and academic standards. They ensure that assessment and examination procedures have been fairly and properly implemented and that decisions have been made after appropriate deliberation. They also ensure that standards of awards and levels of student performance are at least comparable with those in equivalent higher education institutions.

An overview of External Examiners’ reports relating to Alliance MBS undergraduate programmes will be shared with student representatives at our undergraduate Staff Student Liaison Committee, where details of any actions carried out by the programme team/School in response to the External Examiners’ comments will be discussed. Students should contact their student representatives if they require any further information about External Examiners’ reports or the process for considering them.

The Programme External Examiners for the School’s Undergraduate Programmes are listed below. Please note that it is inappropriate for students to make direct contact with External Examiners under any circumstances, in particular with regard to a student’s individual performance in assessments. In the event that a student does attempt to make contact with an External Examiner directly, External Examiners have been requested not to respond but to report the matter to the School contact. If students have any assessment related queries they should contact the Assessment Team (Email:

BSc (Hons) Accounting

Name: Professor Roy Chandler

Institution: Cardiff Business School


BSc (Hons) Information Technology Management for Business (and related programmes)

Name: Dr Vassilis Kodogiannis

Institution: University of Westminster


BSc (Hons) International Business Finance and Economics

Name: Dr Nicholas Tsitsianis

Institution: Queen Mary, University of London


BSc (Hons) Management (and related programmes)

BSc (Hons) International Management

BSc (Hons) International Management with American Business Studies

Name: Professor Stephen Hardy

Institution: School of Law, University of Bolton