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How can I receive Feedback on Examinations

How can I receive Feedback on Examinations

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Following each exam period, you may find that general exam feedback has been posted on Blackboard by the course coordinator. Please note that this is not a requirement and general feedback will not always be provided.

If you wish to review your exam script, you can do so during scheduled viewing sessions. The next scheduled viewing sessions will take place following the semester one exam period in January 2019.

What you should find on your exam script:

  • An indication that all questions have been marked by a tick or a short sentence; where marks have been earned and the overall marks awarded.
  • Any comments on the script are predominantly part of the marking process and are not extensive in the way that feedback is provided on coursework.

What you WON'T find on your exam script:

  • Detailed written comments as you would for say an essay or a project. Course Coordinators will provide group generic feedback on Blackboard following an examination period.


  • Under University regulations, students do not have an automatic right to have papers remarked. The University does not permit students to challenge academic judgement (Regulation XIX). 
  • Photographing exam scripts is not permitted.

If you have any queries in the meantime, please feel free to contact or call through on 0161 275 4009.


MSc and UG Assessment Team