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What is Feedback?

What is Feedback?

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Feedback is developmental and should enable you to enhance your knowledge and understanding, personal qualities and intellectual, transferable and practical skills. At Alliance MBS feedback is given in a variety of ways and aids your progression on specific course units as well as towards your overall degree.


Feedback given to you during your programme should help you to understand how well you are working towards the intended learning outcomes of both your course unit and overall degree, the marks or grades you have been given and how your performance might be improved in the future.


In Alliance Manchester Business School academic staff aim to provide feedback which is:


  • Prompt;
  • Individual;
  • Constructive;
  • Related to progression;
  • Related to the learning outcomes of the course unit.

Throughout the course of your studies, feedback is given in a variety of ways including:

  • Informal advice and discussion during a lecture, seminar, workshop or lab. You will always receive immediate feedback on any contribution you make to discussions so make sure you participate fully.
  • Online exercises and quizzes delivered through the course Blackboard space.
  • Responses to your emails and questions from a member of staff, including feedback provided to a group via an online discussion forum.
  • Specific course related feedback sessions.
  • Written and/or verbal comments on assessed or non assessed coursework.
  • Written and/or verbal comments after you have given a group or individual presentation.
  • Generic feedback posted on Blackboard regarding overall examination performance.
  • Group and individual discussions/meetings with your Academic Advisor.
  • Discussions and meetings with your Programme Director.