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Marking procedures

Marking procedures & anonymous marking

The University operates an anonymous marking policy. To ensure that your anonymity from staff and examiners will be preserved only your Student ID number should appear on your assessment (i.e. examination scripts and any coursework assessment). Your ID number should be on all pages of your coursework.

When you submit coursework via Blackboard you will be prompted by the link to enter a submission title. Please note that this is not your name or your essay title but your student ID and course code with no spaces, as shown in the example below:

Submission title: 7654321BMAN11111

An internal examiner marks every script (or assignment) once, anonymously. The Course Co-ordinator is responsible for ensuring that there are no major discrepancies across individual examination markers. The scripts are then passed to a Course Moderator who anonymously moderates a selection of scripts ensuring that there is continuity, accuracy and no systematic biases. If biases or discrepancies are detected, marks may be adjusted following consultation between the Course Co-ordinator and Moderator. The Course Moderator also focuses on marginal fails and scripts that are close to compensation borderlines. Finally, we send a selection of scripts from each level two and three course to the appropriate external examiner (a senior academic from another university) with a commentary on overall performance. The external examiners are fully involved in the setting and examining of assessment and send annual reports, covering all aspects of the examination procedures, to the Vice-Chancellor.  For further information about External Examiners see