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Queries about assessment results

Queries about assessment results

When your examination results are published at the end of the year you will receive details of the marks you were awarded in each course. We can assure you that considerable care is taken in assembling, checking and double-checking marks and determining results.

It is the policy of Alliance MBS not to selectively remark examination papers or coursework on request. Examination papers and coursework will only be remarked where the Chair of the Board of Examiners has good cause to believe that there has been a marking irregularity. Such circumstances would normally be very exceptional.

Work will not be remarked simply because a student believes he/she should have obtained a better mark than that shown on the transcript.

You should also be aware that Alliance MBS operates a system whereby an internal examiner marks every script (or assignment) once, anonymously. The Course Co-ordinator is responsible for ensuring that there are no major discrepancies across individual examination markers. The scripts are then passed to a Course Moderator who anonymously moderates a selection of scripts ensuring that there is continuity, accuracy and no systematic biases. If biases or discrepancies are detected, marks may be adjusted following consultation between the Course Co-ordinator and Moderator. The Course Moderator also focuses on marginal fails and scripts that are close to compensation borderlines. Finally, we send a selection of scripts from each level two and three course to the appropriate external examiner (a senior academic from another university) with a commentary on overall performance. The external examiners are fully involved in the setting and examining of assessment and resolving divergences and determining marks which have a critical effect on the classification of your final degree, or establishing whether you pass or fail overall.

You can again be assured that the greatest care is taken in checking and considering 'marginal' or borderline results.

Viewing your examination scripts - January 2017/18 

When the examination marks for the January 2018 exam period have been released, the Course Coordinator will post generic feedback on the exam via the course blackboard page. This should help you gain a better understanding as to the mark you have received.

If you wish to view your exam scripts in person, you will need to complete the below request form;

Request to view an exam script 

(The following appointments will be available: 28th Feb, 7th March and 14th March. You will not be able to request to view your scripts outside of these appointments. The final deadline for submitting your request is 12th March.) 

What you should find on your exam script:

An indication that all questions have been marked by a tick or a short sentence; where marks have been earned and the overall marks awarded. Any comments on the script are predominantly part of the marking process and are not extensive in the way that feedback is provided on coursework.

What you WON'T find on your exam script:

Detailed written comments as you would for say an essay or a project. Course Coordinators will provide group generic feedback on Blackboard following an examination period.


We hope that you gain a good understanding of your mark after viewing your script in conjunction with the blackboard feedback.

Please note that under University regulations, students do not have an automatic right to have papers remarked. The University does not permit students to challenge academic judgement (Regulation XIX). 

Photographing exam scripts is not permitted.