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Reassessment Format

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Undergraduate reassessment should take the form of one piece of assessment only that assesses the intended learning outcomes of the failed course unit.

The Course Co-ordinator will determine what form the reassessment for their course unit will take (i.e. examination only or coursework only). The undergraduate degree regulations state that ‘the reassessment must be designed to assess the achievement of the same intended learning outcomes but need not be of the same form as that originally used.’ It should be clearly communicated in the full course outline how a course unit will be reassessed.

Generally, if a course unit is assessed by examination, the reassessment will also be an examination (resit) and similarly, if a course unit is assessed by a piece of coursework, the reassessment will also be a piece of coursework (rework). However, there are occasions when the reassessment will be a different format to the main assessment and students should check the full course outline for details.