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Course unit and programme evaluation

Course unit and programme evaluation

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Alliance Manchester Business School attaches considerable importance to student feedback across course units and on degree programmes as a whole. Your programme is continuously reviewed and developed, and many changes have arisen from feedback given by participants. Throughout the programme your comments and feedback will be welcomed, and wherever possible acted upon.

Feedback is also invited on course units and each Course Co-ordinator will inform you about the mode of feedback for his/her unit. Your feedback is taken into account by the Course Co-ordinator and subsequently taken into account in the Programme review process.

Towards the end of each semester students will be requested to complete a University 'Unit Survey' to comment on the quality of teaching and learning for every course unit taken. These surveys are processed and analysed with statistical and narrative feedback conveyed to course convenors and other staff, involved in teaching and overseeing the course units and Programmes, for reflection and the development of guidelines for improvements.  Significant issues arising from unit surveys are reported to appropriate committees within Alliance MBS.

At various stages throughout the course of your studies, students are given the opportunity to feed back on the structure of the programme, skills attained throughout the year, facilities, teaching environment and the performance of teaching and professional support services staff. These are in addition to the unit surveys that we distribute at the end of each semester. This particular feedback forms a vital part of the annual review process and a summary of the findings and measures taken by the School to address student feedback will be fed back to students via the undergraduate e-bulletin, social media and through the Student/Staff Liaison Committee.