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Administrative information

Administrative information

Students who intend  to take BMAN31500 Dissertation course in their final year are required to have passed the 10 credit Research Methods course BMAN20851 in their second year. In addition, if your dissertation is in the marketing subject area, you need to have passed BMAN20362 Marketing Research in your second year.


Submission of Dissertation Proposal:  No later than 3:00pm on Monday 2 October 2017

The proposal form must be handed into the Undergraduate Office (Alliance MBS East, D20).

Proposal Form

Submission of a Progress Report and an Ethics Form: 4–8 December 2017

A progress report should be submitted to your supervisor directly at the beginning of December. The progress report (normally a 1000-1500 word document) describes the objective of your dissertation and the progress you made during the first semester, e.g. a literature review, methodology, and a plan for your fieldwork/data collection etc

You are also required to submit the ethics form (signed by your supervisor).  The ethics form must be submitted to the Undergraduate Office (D20, Alliance MBS East ).  Further information about gaining ethical approval is available here.

Deadline for submitting the completed dissertation: No later than 12noon on Friday 4 May 2018

Dissertations must be handed into the Undergraduate Office D20, Alliance MBS East. You will receive a receipt.

Full Course Description

A full course outline containing information about the course.

Dissertation Binding

Here you will find information on how to bind your dissertation, and contact help to get your thesis bound by reprographic services.

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