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Help with writing

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As an undergraduate student, researching and writing a dissertation may seem like a huge task. The secret of writing a good dissertation, however, is not that difficult. Below you will find information to develop your ideas and convey them in a structured and logical way. Good luck!

Harvard Referencing Style

Practical help in writing a dissertation

This document is intended to stimulate your thinking, whilst also helping you to structure and present your ideas in a logical way.

Plagiarism and other forms of academic malpractice

These notes provide some excellent guidance on how to avoid plagiarism. The information is provided courtesy of Purdue online writing lab.

PowerPoint presentations

You can view these PowerPoint presentations at your leisure.

NOTE: Some of these files can take considerable amount of time to download. You are advised to access them from a computer on campus.

How to make best use of the internet in your dissertation

Some useful tips on developing sentence clarity and flow
Some short notes on how to structure paragraph

Some important lessons in how to use commas correctly
Making use of the rhetorical situation in your work

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