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Past dissertations

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Students that submit a dissertation that is considered to be of particularly high quality are invited to put forward their dissertations for display on this website. A small selection containing the truly outstanding dissertations will be made available here. Please also note that all Alliance MBS undergraduate dissertations are also available for consultation in the library.


Adam Gardiner

An investigation to explore how inland waterways could be used as a more sustainable freight transportation method in the UK.

Mihai Ciurba

A Data Mining Approach to Enhance Marketing Communications Practices for Undergraduate Academic Programmes in the UK


Kathryn Willcox

When East Meets West: An Investigation into Intercultural Conflicts between University Exchange Students from High and Low Context Cultures

Jimin Kim

Innovation in the Semiconductor Equipment Industry


Marcin Michalski

Dead in the Short Run: The Global Financial Crisis and the Failure of Economic Policy

Abigail Brooks

Can Beauty Ever Be More than Skin Deep? An Investigation into: Transforming Ideal Beauty in Media and its Consequences on Body Image

Kyle Booysens

An Investigation into Sustainable Supplier Collaboration


Daniel Jake Beaumont

Service Quality in Higher Education:  The Students' Viewpoint

Jack Coffin

An Investigation into Art Gallery Revenue Streams:  a new approach to tackle government cuts

Henriette Kjaer Aagaard

The Dynamics of Innovation in the EcoGrid EU Project

Jake Burley

An Investigation into the Effect of the Internet on the Music Industry


Almas, Preeya

South Asian Female Undergraduate Perceptions of Employment Opportunities