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Courses and Enrolments

The teaching and learning activities within your courses are enhanced and supported by the use of Blackboard.  All of your courses/spaces are listed in My Manchester under the 'Blackboard' tab.  Within this tab you will find:

• a list of all the courses you are registered to take, under the ‘Course List’,
• a list for Programme spaces or other ‘Organisations’, in the ‘My Communities’ list.

You can also access Blackboard on your smartphone using the Blackboard Mobile Learn app. For guidance, search for ‘How to: Access your Bb9 course through a Mobile Phone or Tablet’ in the Knowledge Base at:

Courses become available to students one week before the start of teaching. For most courses in 2019/20 this is:
• Semester 1 and all-year courses: 16 September 2019
• Semester 2 courses: 20 January 2020

To ensure that you have access to all of your courses within Blackboard, you must be enrolled on them through the student system.  Once enrolled, your courses should appear in Blackboard within 24 hours.  Also, the course coordinator needs to have ‘activated’ your Blackboard course in order for you to access it.  If you cannot see a course you expect to see, please:
• contact your programme administrator to check that you have been enrolled;
• check with the course coordinator that they have made the course available;

Note: If you change your course enrolments there will also be a delay of up to 24 hours in acquiring your new courses and removing those you are no longer taking.

Your Blackboard course(s) will contain different elements, depending on how the course coordinator(s) have set them up. They may be used for course materials, lecture handouts, coursework submission, quizzes, additional resources, discussion boards or blogs, for example.  If you have any queries about the content, please check with the course coordinator first.

After enrolment or changing your enrolments, if your courses are not correctly listed in Blackboard after 24 hours, please let us know which course(s) you are missing by going through

If your course is assessed by coursework, and the submission of coursework is done online via Turnitin you can find detailed guidance on ‘A Student Guide to Submitting an Assignment via Turnitin’ in the Knowledge Base at  (document)  (video)

If the course coordinator delivers feedback on your coursework online you can also look up the Guidance on how to access your feedback and ‘Downloading Feedback from Turnitin’ at  
For general information on Blackboard and access to support information, please visit:  You can also search the Knowledge Base from here.

Please note: periods when Blackboard access may not be possible (at-risk periods) are Sundays 2am to 5am, Easter holidays and the whole of July.  Notification of significant downtime during Easter and July will be communicated through My Manchester Student News.