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Study skills

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In order to do well at University, it is vital that you learn how to study effectively.

Improving your study skills will help you to develop the intellectual and practical skills that are intended outcomes of your learning experience, as well as equipping you with skills that you can apply in other contexts, including your future working career. The Programme Specification for your degree specialism says more about these intellectual, practical and transferable skills.

Alliance MBS students

During the first semester of your first year there will be a strong focus on Study Skills within the Academic & Career Development course (BMAN10780) for all Alliance MBS undergraduate students with the exception of those on BSc Accounting who will follow a similar model of developing essential Study Skills through the Auditing and Professional Accounting Practice 1 course (BMAN10760). This will include an opportunity of writing a practice essay (those on BSc Accounting undertake a practice report) and receiving feedback on this before you start your formalised methods of assessment. Please be sure to attend all of the sessions on this course as it is compulsory and attendance will be monitored.

All students

My Learning Essentials is where you will find sources of information, hints & tips and practical activities to help you develop your study skills and become a better learner.

You’ll also find advice about how to prepare for lecturers, tutorials and seminars; how to deal with exam stress; organising yourself; and on personal development and career planning.