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Scholarships and funding

Available funding, travel grants, student loans

Home students should visit Student Finance England for information on funding, student loans and travel awards. There is a different process in place for students from Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.  These students should refer to their own Student Finance for further information.


Erasmus Funding

All students currently studying on the year abroad at an Erasmus destination are entitled to an Erasmus Grant. The administration for the Erasmus grants is dealt with by the International Programmes Office at the University of Manchester. Further information regarding Erasmus Grants will be provided towards the end of semester two.

Please note, the Alliance MBS International Office is not involved in the administration of the Erasmus grants.

Singapore DUO Award

Students studying on exchange in Singapore are eligible to apply for the Singapore DUO Award. Students who will be studying at SMU need to be nominated to SMU by Alliance MBS in order to apply.

Hong Kong Scholarships of Excellence

The Scholarships for Excellence are offered to UK passport holders only by the Department forBusiness, Innovation and Skills (BIS) through the British Council.  Up to16 scholarships with a maximum value of £4,000 have been given to students studying in Hong Kong as part of their degrees.

CAF Funding

Students studying in France are entitled to apply for funding from the French government to contribute towards the cost of housing. This is known as the CAF (Caisse nationale des allocations familiales). Once you have the address and postcode of where you will be staying you can apply.


HEC Montreal

HEC offers two CAN$2000 travel grants to Alliance MBS students going on exchange to HEC Canada. (Students need to have an overall average of 50% or higher with no marks below 40% to qualify for the grant).  

UNC, Chapel Hill

US$250 to one University of Manchester student based on merit.


BUTEX Scholarships

BUTEX Scholarships of £500 are available to Undergraduate Students who apply and whose period of study abroad is not funded by an ERASMUS grant.