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What is an Industrial/Professional placement?

An Industrial/Professional placement is a year spent in employment with a company between the second and third year of your degree programme.

Why should I do a work placement?

A work placement will give you the chance to gain invaluable experience in industry which will not only become a vital addition to your CV, but will also provide you with skills demanded by graduate employers increasing your employability. 

What are the requirements to go out on work placement?

The requirements for each degree programme vary – please refer to the pre-placement information available for your programme of study for further details. The requirements must be met to go out on placement.

I am an International student, can I do a placement?

Yes.  If you are currently on a 3 year VISA you will be required to apply for a new VISA before you commence your second year.  For the most up to date information on Tier 4 process, please contact the VISA team at the Student Services Centre.

I would like to transfer onto/off the "with Industrial/Professional Experience" degree programme. How do I do this?

Please complete the relevant form below and return it by email to or hand it in at the MSc & UG Programme Services Office, room 2.091 Alliance MBS.

Form to transfer ON to IE stream.docx

Form to transfer OFF the IE stream.doc

You will be notified in writing (email) if and when the transfer is approved.

Is there a deadline to transfer on to the 'with Industrial/Professional Experience' degree programme?

Students on the BSc International Management (IM) and the BSc International Management with American Business Studies (IMABS) programmes are required to submit a completed transfer form by the end of the first two weeks of teaching in Semester one of the second year.  IM and IMABS students will not be permitted to join the BSc Management with Industrial/Professional Experience programme after this deadline has passed.

Students on all other programmes are advised to complete a transfer form by the end of the first two weeks of teaching in Semester one of the second year.  You will still be able to request a transfer after this period, however in order to ensure that you do not miss out on communication relating to undertaking a placement, the earlier you put in a request the better.


What help is available for finding a placement?

As a first year student you will take Academic and Career Development (BMAN10780) as one of your core units which will help you prepare for a placement year or an internship. 

As a second year student registered on the “with Industrial/Professional Experience" programme you will be invited to series of meetings during the year with your Programme Director or Industrial Placement Coordinator to provide you with information about the placement year.  You will be sent weekly bulletins advertising placement opportunities by email.  Placement opportunities will also be advertised on Twitter, Facebook and Careers Services website. The Careers Services will also be able to help you with your CV, psychometric tests, applications and mock interviews.  15 minute appointments in Alliance MBS will also be available with a member of staff from the Careers Service to get tailored information.  To make an appointment, please visit the AMBS Industrial Placement Community.  Please note that appointments bookable through the community are only for second year IPE students. 

Travel costs for attending interviews are not reimbursed by the University of Manchester, however, costs may be covered by employers.


What happens if I cannot find a job?

If you are unable to find a placement, you will be transferred off the 'with Industrial/Professional experience' stream of your programme and you will continue onto your final year of study.

What happens if I have resits or do not meet the requirements?

Students who have resits in their second year or have not met the requirements are unable to go out on placement.

When do I need to find a job?

You are advised to secure a placement and have this approved by the end of semester two in your second year.  However extensions may be granted on a case by case basis. 

I am a student who has chosen or will be choosing to specialise in a particular area.  Does my work placement need to be related to my specialism?

No.  Whether you choose to do a placement related or unrelated to your specialism, your eligibility for a placement year will not be affected.  Students on the BSc IBFE programme can choose to do a placement in the following areas:  International Business, Finance and/or Economics.

When should my placement start?

Placements should begin after the release of the second year exam results to make sure you have passed all your exams.  It is recommended that you start your placement mid-July at the earliest, the latest being the start of teaching week in September. 

How long should I work for?

Your placement should be between 9 and 12 months.  You must ensure that your placement ends before the start of your final academic year as you are expected back to be in University for the start of teaching week 1.

Can I work overseas?

Yes.  All international placements will require Programme Director approval.

Do I still need to register as a student during my placement?

Yes. Although you will be away from your studies, you are still a student of the University of Manchester and will be required to register as normal at the start of the academic year.