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Welcome to AMBS

I am delighted to welcome you to Alliance Manchester Business School.  I hope you will find Alliance MBS, the University of Manchester, the North West region and the city of Manchester to be exciting places to study, work and live. 

You have come to the largest campus-based business school in the UK.  What is important for you is not the number of faculty and students under our roof, per se, but the breadth and depth of our offerings.  Our teaching staff are leaders in their fields. You will recognise many of their names from textbooks that you may have used in your previous studies.  Many of our academics are heavily involved in both research and consultancy ensuring that you receive a combination of the latest theories and the practical techniques to make them work. 

Equally important is the strength of the larger intellectual and professional community.  Alliance MBS is a unit of one of Europe’s best universities.  Several of our academic and research programmes are jointly sponsored by other Schools and Faculties such as the School of Social Sciences (SoSS) and the School of Environment, Education and Development  (SEED) in the Faculty of Humanities and the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering (MACE) in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.  So, during your time here, you will have opportunities for exposure to a wide range of disciplines.

You may also have the opportunity to travel overseas, for study, work and leisure, and will meet many new colleagues from all over the world.  The connections you make here will stay with you for many years, and our alumni relations team exist to support that.  Indeed, you are joining a group of almost 50,000 Alliance MBS alumni located on every continent.

There are many opportunities for self-development outside of the classroom.  Students participate in various business-related societies.  Our links with the business community are strong.  We partner in various ways with many leading companies and membership and professional organisations, from The City of Manchester, The North West region, the UK, Europe, and beyond.  We invite interesting business speakers to campus, including our own successful alumni.   Events we sponsor are typically open to the region’s business community which provides networking opportunities for our students and staff. 

Manchester itself is one of Europe’s most exciting and dynamic cities providing ample opportunity for students to engage short-term and even find permanent employment!

As large as we are, we still regard ourselves as a close-knit family, and we are pleased to have you join us.  This is the first step in a lifelong relationship with Alliance MBS and the University of Manchester.  I hope your experience is always rewarding and fulfilling for you.

Fiona Devine OBE AcSS
Professor and Director
Alliance Manchester Business School