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Policies & procedures

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Policies and procedures

The regulations for the University of Manchester are available in full for reference on the University of Manchester website

The following university regulations are referred to in the programme handbooks for undergraduate degree programmes administered by MBS:

Regulation XVII Conduct and Discipline of Students
Regulation XVIII Student Complaints Procedure
Regulation XIX Academic Appeals Procedures
Regulation XX Work and Attendance of Students

Any issues relative to the above regulations should be raised at School level in the first instance. Alliance MBS has procedures at School level as follows:

Student complaints procedure

University General Regulation XVIII (Student Complaints Procedure) sets out a procedure for handling complaints by students. Regulation XVIII allows for the complaint to be handled informally at School level, and the following link sets out the procedure to be followed in the first instance in Alliance MBS.

Academic appeals procedures for Undergraduate programmes in Alliance MBS

The first stage of any appeal shall be a review of the case at School level. Students seeking to appeal are advised to follow the procedures set out in the appeals procedures.