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Health & safety

General health

You must not interfere with or misuse any thing, object, structure or system of work provided by the University of Manchester in the interests of health and safety.

You must familiarise yourself with the procedures for dealing with an emergency, including what to do on discovery of a fire, and fire exit-points. You are also required to familiarise yourself with the Health and Safety at Work regulations, extracts of which are posted in all School buildings. Anyone requiring first aid for themselves or for others should contact one of the first aiders situated in the building. Their names and telephone numbers are posted in commonly used areas. The Head of School is responsible for Health and Safety within the School.

If you are concerned about any health and safety matters in any of the buildings you use, please contact Joann Slater.  To read more go to the University Policy.

Joann Slater

1.008, AMBS, Tel. 275 6422 or internal 56422

Smoking policy

All University of Manchester buildings are non-smoking.