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Accidents and emergencies

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All accidents at work or study must be reported to Alliance MBS's Safety Adviser, Joann Slater:

Joann Slater

Tel. 275 6422 or internal 56422

Students should call for first aid within AMBS if they are here by calling Reception on 56303 up to 4pm, and Security after 4pm If an accident results in injury, however minor, (e.g. cuts/bruising), you must also promptly notify Occupational Health normally by attendance at the service, where treatment will be given.

In the case of a serious incident (accident or otherwise) where immediate on-the-spot first aid is required and an ambulance may be needed, ring either:

  • An appointed first-aider (details below); or
  • The University Security Service on the general emergency number 52728 or 275 2728; or please see times above
  • If you don't have immediate access to a phone, contact any member of staff to summon a first-aider or an ambulance, as required.

If you notice anything suspicious on campus you are advised to contact Security on 275 2728 (extension 52728) or 306 9966 (extension 69966).

First Aid boxes

Are available from the MSc and UG Office reception

Please consult First Aid signage displayed within the building.

First aid can be accessed via AMBS Reception  up until 4pm  After that time, please contact security on 0161 306 9966