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Fire alarm & evacuation procedures

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If for any reason you will need help to leave any building in the event of an emergency, you should inform your Programme Administrator and Alliance MBS's Health and Safety Adviser, Joann Slater, of this fact:

Joann Slater

D24 AMBS East, Tel. 275 6422 or internal 56422

The fire alarms are tested in the Alliance MBS East building every Wednesday at 9.40 am. If you hear an alarm at any other time you must leave the building immediately. The fire doors in the centre of each corridor on the upper floors will close automatically. These doors can be opened but, unless there is a fire barring your way, you should not use them and, instead, make your way to one of the fire escape doors in the four corners of the building. You must not use the central staircase and on no account use lifts in an emergency. If you are on the ground floor, make your way out via the front entrance or, if that is barred by fire, via the emergency exit the rear end of the atrium, facing the Aquatics Centre. Once outside you must move as far away from the building as possible so as not to obstruct the emergency services and for your own safety. The assembly point for AMBS East is located on the Oxford Road side of the building.

Pairs of fire extinguishers are situated at the end of each corridor by fire exits and in the stairwells. The wider one is foam filled and is to be used on paper fires. The thinner one is carbon dioxide filled and is for use on electrical equipment. Never put water on electrical equipment.

You will be using many of the university buildings over the course of your programme. You must, therefore, familiarise yourself with the University of Manchester fire alarm procedures and emergency evacuation points by consulting the signs displayed in each building you use.