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Course coordonators

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The Course Co-ordinator is responsible for the design and development of the course, coordinating the teaching arrangements and monitoring the quality, and he/she provides the first point of contact to discuss any problems you may have relating to the course. In some cases the Course Co-ordinator is the only lecturer teaching the course but usually he or she is assisted by other lecturers and seminar, lab or workshop staff.

If you have a problem, speak first to the Course Co-ordinator, either after a lecture or by making an appointment.  The names of the Course Co-ordinators are provided within the course outline available in My Manchester in your list of courses.  You should also be able to find details of Course Co-ordinators on the course Blackboard space (accessed via My Manchester) within the Full Course Outlines.

All staff email addresses, telephone numbers and locations can be accessed through the Staff Directory:

Staff Directory