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Director of UG studies & programme directors

Director of undergraduate studies

Dr Anna Goatman is Alliance MBS' Director of Undergraduate Studies. The main purpose of this role is to provide academic leadership for the undergraduate area, specifically developing and overseeing the implementation of strategic academic plans and taking these forward through the Committee structure and liaising and working with counterparts in other Schools in the Faculty of Humanities to promote, where feasible and desirable, a coordinated strategic approach to undergraduate activities.

Programme directors

The Programme Director provides overall academic insight for a programme, liaising with the admissions tutors on admissions policy, ensuring that each year of a programme contains appropriate material and monitoring the output and final destination of graduates from the programme. In addition, for joint programmes, the Programme Directors are the point of liaison between the two Schools concerned. The Programme Directors for undergraduate programmes run by Alliance MBS are as follows:

BSc Management/Management (Specialism)

Jonathan Styles

Room 3.103 AMBS
Tel. 275 2912 or extension 52912

BSc Accounting

Jenni Rose

Room 4.047 AMBS
Tel. 275 0432 or extension 50432

BSc International Business, Finance and Economics (IBFE)

Dr Paul Simpson

Room 5.039 AMBS
Tel. 306 3485 or extension 63485

BSc International Management with American Business Studies and BSc in International Management

Dr Mercedes Bleda

Room: 8.039 AMBS
Tel. 275 0457 or extension 50457

BSc IT Management for Business/with IE

Dr Ali Owrak

Room 3.024 AMBS
Tel. 306 3386 or extension 63386