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Emailing & texting

When you first come to the University you need to undertake a simple process to be registered for email.

Register for email

You must use the email address issued to you for all University of Manchester email correspondence even if you already have another email address. The easiest way to access your Manchester email is via:

My Manchester

Our main means of contact with you about issues to do with your programme is by email and so it is essential that you check your University of Manchester email on a daily basis. Otherwise you might miss important information to do with, for example, your timetable, option choices or examinations. Your Academic Advisor will also most probably use email as a way of communicating with you and/or providing you with information.

The format of Alliance MBS staff email addresses is normally the first name, followed by the surname name If you are emailing a specific member of staff, email addresses can be found on the full course descriptions and you can access staff contact details via:

Manchester Staff Directory


Wherever possible, we will text you to advise of any time critical issues such as a cancelled class, as well as to prompt you about any key processes or events where your participation and engagement is required.  We would therefore ask that you flag your mobile number as your preferred number on the student system (campus solutions) so we can communicate quickly with you where necessary.