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Notice boards & plasma screens

Notice boards

There are a range of notice boards in the Alliance MBSE building for various subjects. Those relating to undergraduate student administration are as follows:

B Floor

  • Entrance (Foyer)
    • AMBS Careers, Placements, Internships etc
  • Lift Area
    • AMBS Full Year Placements and Internships
    • AMBS Careers
  • End of Atrium (towards Aquatics Centre)
    • General notices (for students' own use)

C Floor

  • Corridor
    • Health, Welfare, Safety, Security
    • IT/Computing
    • Undergraduate Societies
    • General notices (for students' own use)
    • Career and Research Opportunities (mainly for postgraduate students but may be of interest to undergraduates)
    • Undergraduate Teaching Timetables - all Programmes

D Floor

  • Lift area
    • Undergraduate Teaching Timetables - all Programmes
  • Wall opposite door to D20
    • Student Representation, Student Mentoring, Student Information / Student Support

 Plasma screens

You should check the plasma screens in the Alliance MBSE Building Atrium and Undergraduate Office (D20) for information concerning your programme. It is YOUR responsibility to check for announcements whenever you are in the Alliance MBSE building.