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Peer Mentoring Scheme


What is it? 

Upon joining us in your first year here at Alliance Manchester Business School, you will be assigned to a pair of mentors as part of the Peer Mentoring Scheme that we operate across Alliance MBS. These mentors will be second or third year students with the objective of helping you settle in to university life here at the University of Manchester, on both a social and academic level.  There may be things you feel more comfortable discussing with fellow students rather than University staff. In this case, mentors are extremely beneficial. All mentors have first-hand knowledge of the 'freshers experience' hence we are in a good position to help you settle as smoothly and quickly as possible. Remember that we are here to help.


How will it work? 

You can expect to receive an email from us at some point during Week 1 outlining who your allocated two mentors are for the year. Each pair of mentors are responsible for a group of approximately 15 first year students. On the afternoon of 3 October 2018, you will be introduced to your mentors and fellow group members during a 30 minute meeting. We choose to make this meeting very early on in the semester to give you the chance to make newfriends on your course, whilst also ensuring that any questions that you may have are answered. The Peer Mentoring Scheme is designed purposely to put you in contact with students who have experienced the challenges and problems that some of you may encounter during your first year, so feel free to ask your mentors anything.


How can you get involved? 

Towards the end of your first year, you will receive an email giving you the opportunity to become a Peer Mentor during the next year of your degree programme. As a Peer Mentor you will be able to benefit from the satisfaction of assisting new students, whilst also developing a whole range of your own skills, including confidence and time management, enhancing your employability. To become involved with this highly rewarding scheme, keep an eye out for information regarding applications. 


Contact details

Staff coordinator  

Gail Hall

Gail is located in Room D20 in Alliance Manchester Business School East and is available Tuesday-Thursday

Telephone:  0161 306 8989


Student coordinators 2018/19

Robert Stredie
BSc  International Management-Year 2

Laura Varchi
BSc  International Management– Year 2
Email :

Georgios Dermentzoglou
BSc  International Business, Finance & Economics– Year 3

Allen Yong
BSc International Management with American Business Studies – Year 2

Administrative Officer – Mentor Engagement
Nikolay Papazov
BSc  Management with IPE– Year  2