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MBS student societies

All Alliance MBS first year students will have the opportunity to learn more about the Alliance MBS student societies during Welcome Week at the Student Fair on Tuesday.

Alliance MBS Management Society

The Management Society is run by Alliance MBS students studying on any of the undergraduate Management programmes. The Society has well-established links with employers and offers members the opportunity to liaise with leading corporate firms including PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Accenture, Till-late, Deloitte and KPMG. In addition to employer presentations, activities organised by the Management Society include a Society sports team, monthly social events and an end of year ball.  The Management Society is open to all Alliance MBS undergraduates.  Contact email address to follow.

Alliance MBS Undergraduate International Society

The Alliance MBS International Society is made up of students who have either spent a year on exchange or will be going on exchange during their time at Alliance MBS.  The Society runs various social events throughout the year and sets up a mentoring scheme for exchange students prior to arrival. All Alliance MBS undergraduate students are welcome to join the society.  Visit their facebook page:

Note: The Alliance MBS International Society is separate from the central University International Society.

Alliance MBS ITMB Society

The ITMB Society is a student led society set up for students on the BSc Information Technology Management for Business programme.  The ITMB Society aims to encourage collegiality amongst students on the ITMB programme through a mixture of social and networking events to allow students to enjoy and embrace university life as best they can.  The society has held a host of different events over the previous years which include Christmas dinners, annual ITMB football tournaments and trips to outdoor activity centres.  The society work closely with all ITMB students to further design and develop a national campaign under the guide of ITCounts.


SOFAB is a student-run society based at the University of Manchester that is open to every student from all backgrounds, degrees and ages.  In partnership with large corporations and Alliance Manchester Business School, we offer an insight into the business world for our members.  What makes us different from other university societies is that we want our members to start building their careers through networking, training and work experience.  We offer valuable information on how to get internships and graduate schemes.  Our goal is to bring together ambitious students who aspire for success and aid them in developing the skills necessary to thrive in the current economic climate.

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AIESEC is the largest student-based organisation in the world and has over 19,000 active members on 1000 University campuses in over 110 countries. It is recognised by the United Nations as the world's best student led organisation, providing members with leadership and interpersonal skills as well as practical business and management experience to complement their degrees. AIESEC is based in Manchester Business School and is a student society. Its activities are many and various; a typical semester's programme will include visits to companies, visits from distinguished practitioners of Management and a strong social programme. In addition AIESEC runs an international job exchange scheme in the summer vacation and an AIESEC traineeship upon graduation. Recent graduates have found employment in Australia and Singapore.  Find out more at


• To develop our members through high-quality financial education and practical hands-on sessions so as to raise the level of financial literacy and experience across our university campus.
• To bridge our members with corporations through recruitment events and networking sessions so as to increase their career-choice and help our members discover their ideal employer.
• To serve as a medium for like-minded individuals to share finance-related ideas.

Who We Are:
From its relatively recent conception, Manchester University Trading and Investment Society has quickly managed to establish itself as one of the largest societies at the University of Manchester with 2010/11 membership reaching a level in excess of 1,200. Due to the society’s focus on careers, MUTIS has been able to actively assist its members in securing highly competitive summer internships at pre-eminent financial institutions – an opportunity which has then led to many students being offered fulltime graduate positions. As a society which offers free membership MUTIS hopes to encourage a diverse membership base by welcoming students from all academic disciplines regardless of their prior market knowledge or experience. We seek to connect those who have not only a passion for the financial markets but also a strong commitment to aiding the understanding and broadening the knowledge of their fellow members.

What We Do:
One of our core aims is to improve and advance our members’ career prospects. We pursue this objective both on an internal basis, by leveraging the experience of our senior members and alumni, and by working closely with Manchester Careers Service. This is complemented by workshops run by industry leaders focusing on application advice, CVs and interview skills.

In addition to weekly meetings we have a busy calendar of keynote speakers and university scholars who provide members with insightful views and opinions from within the financial industry and academia. In addition to external speakers senior society members are encouraged to aid the development of their peers through regular talks and presentations which outline the fundamentals of trading and investment.

Our Facebook group is at:
We look forward to members' enquiries at

Enactus (formerly SIFE)

Enactus is an international organisation present in 36 countries worldwide. In the UK there are 51 university teams who run volunteering projects both locally and internationally. The aim of Enactus is to most effectively use entrepreneurial action to empower people to improve their livelihoods in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable way. Enactus has a vast amount of business sponsors and a strong reputation amongst graduate employers. The list of sponsors can be seen here:

Our 5 existing projects span from locally in Manchester to internationally across Africa. We are committed to empowering the minority to improve the majority. To find out more about these, please visit our website:

Bright Futures Manchester

Please click on this link for the handbook, Bright Futures Manchester.

With branches in more than 50 universities, Bright Futures Society is an industry-leading consultancy in the fields of graduate recruitment, graduate scheme implementation, internships, on-campus engagement and improving students’ employability.
The society organizes a lot of unique and useful events such as mock assessment centers, interviews, presentations, business talks, workshops, training sessions, career insights, student business challenges and many others, which aim to develop students’ skills and give a deeper insight into companies’ requirements to perspective employees.

The main aim of Bright Futures Manchester is to create a better relationship between companies and students and improve students’ network and employability. We bring together students from all faculties at the University of Manchester, with our main focus on Business and Management students.

In order to deliver useful, efficient and entertaining events, Bright Futures Society works closely with partners among which Zurich, IBM, Ernst & Young, Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, RBS, Credit Suisse, Rolls-Royce, TESCO, PwC, Nestle, Siemens, Vodafone, Centrica, Teach First, Aspen, AON, RPC and many others.

For more information society please find us on:

Facebook group:    

Manchester Website:    

Facebook page:

IBFE Society

The International Business, Finance, and Economics Society is a freshly restructured society where a new committee, a committed union recognition, and many new affiliations came into place. Originally, we were only for the IBFE students, but since last year we have opened our doors to anyone interested in Business, Finance, or Economics. The IBFE society provides a great platform for our members to learn more and experience more about the different aspects and fields of business in real life. We pride ourselves in linking our members academically, professionally, and socially right from the very beginning of university and thereafter. Throughout the year we aim to host a range of events and activities from socialising with IBFE members, compete against other societies with our football team, to networking with global and local partners. Best of all, it’s FREE to join! Just follow the next links to become a member:

Students' Union Society: 

Facebook page: 

IBFE Website (Group Space):

Accounting Society

The society aims to bring together all students on the BSc Accounting course at more social and informal events to share with each other their experiences of applying for, or carrying out a work placement. This will allow the 1st and 2nd year students in particular to benefit from the advice and knowledge of the final year students. We aim to organise events such as drinks evenings, lunches or dinners, to provide a more relaxed environment in which everyone can talk to each other and feel comfortable.  We also hope to organise more events with the ICAEW and member accounting firms. This will be to provide more networking opportunities to students, which are vital in gaining an understanding of the firms and the industry, and will hopefully serve as an advantage for the students when applying to such firms.

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Consulting Society

Society details to follow...



We also have the following AMBS sporting teams:






If you are interested in joining any of the above, please contact the Undergraduate Team in D20, AMBSE and they will provide contact details for the team captains.