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Student representatives

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What is representation?


All students have the opportunity to contribute and develop their experience whilst studying at the University of Manchester and the purpose of representation is to help the University find out what students think so that the student experience can be improved.


Student Representatives play an important role in facilitating communication between staff and students by raising issues and providing feedback.


All Alliance MBS Undergraduate programmes have a Student Representative for each year of study; they are chosen by their peers to act as the representative for their particular Programme for a period of one year.


What’s involved in being a Student Representative?


  • Making sure your fellow students know who you are and how to contact you; introduce yourself during a lecture and let your students know about your role;
  • Listening to your fellow students’ views, concerns and academic issues and raise these issues at relevant committee meetings;
  • Attending your Programme Committee and Student/Staff Liaison meetings;
  • Feeding back results of student issues raised at committees;
  • Keeping in regular contact with the students you represent;
  • Being an engaged and proactive rep – the role isn’t just a marker on a CV!


Throughout the year you will be expected to have ongoing contact with the students you represent, via e-mail, drop-in sessions, etc.  You will also be required to attend the meetings of your Programme Committee, the Student Representatives Focus Group, Student/Staff Liaison Committee (chaired by a rep). There are four major meetings in total over the academic year.  You will need to attend all of these meetings to be eligible to receive your certificate.


There are also three formal meetings of the School's Undergraduate Committee, which deals with matters affecting undergraduate education as a whole in the School, one representative would usually attend this meeting and we do ask for volunteers. In addition, there are usually three meetings of the Alliance MBS School Board and one student representative would be invited to attend. Most of these committees meet once or at most twice per semester, usually on Wednesday afternoons, (which may clash with some sports) and you will be advised of the date, time and location of the meetings.


It is very important that you can listen to fellow students’ views, concerns and issues and feedback on items raised to students on your programme.


There will also be opportunities for you to liaise with other student representatives both in Alliance MBS and in the Students’ Union.



A Student Representative is expected to be trustworthy; non-judgemental, a team player; enthusiastic and diplomatic.  You should also be someone who wants to make the most of this role – being a Student Representative can be very rewarding!


What’s in it for me?


As a student rep you will have the opportunity to improve university life for yourself and those you represent and in addition you will gain some valuable skills and experience.  These are the skills employers often say that graduates lack when entering the job market.  There are many benefits to becoming a student rep and you will have the opportunity to:


Practice effective Communication Skills

You’ll learn about putting your point across effectively when emailing your students or preparing information for meetings and the importance of effective listening in order to gain the fullest picture of situations.


Develop your Networking Skills

Reps make many contacts that can be very useful in both a personal and academic capacity.  It’s also a good way to meet other students from other programmes.


Improve your Organisational Skills

You will need to develop effective time management and organisational skills to make sure you can fit in your work and commitment as a rep.


Obtain a Sense of Achievement

Knowing you have made a positive change is very rewarding.




All new representatives will be invited to attend a briefing and training session in October where full details of the role will be explained. During the training session, Student Representatives will hear from AMBS members of staff the Students’ Union about how they fit into the school and University as a whole. I will email details of these sessions to successful reps. 


Support for you


I will be in regular contact with you and will provide guidance on what is expected of you as a representative.  I will also provide support, if you need it, in terms of how to handle certain situations and can help you to communicate with your students.


Next steps


Applications should be completed and sent to


Will Lever

UG Student Representative Coordinator

0161 306 2217