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Student representatives

Student Representatives play a vital part in the School's affairs; they provide a “voice for students”, which does not simply mean talking on behalf of someone else, it is about bringing issues to light, supporting fellow students and identifying and solving problems. Student reps are actively involved in

  • Liaising between staff and students on matters of concern
  • Providing two-way feedback on programme and teaching quality
  • Promoting active student involvement in programme development

Being a Student Representative also gives students the opportunity of developing their communication, listening, diplomacy and assertiveness skills, in addition to the excellent networking opportunity that this role brings.

In Alliance MBS, undergraduate students are represented on each Programme Committee and on the Undergraduate Committee, the Undergraduate Student/Staff Liaison Committee and the School Board. They have full voting rights and are encouraged to raise matters of interest and concern. They work closely with their fellow students and with administrative and academic staff, and receive training from the Students' Union at the beginning of each academic year.

There is usually no difficulty in getting students prepared to act in this capacity; however there are always those who, once elected, fail to attend meetings or are unable to attend (meetings are usually held on Wednesday afternoons, clashing with sporting and other commitments). It is essential, if students are to have a voice in the management of the School, that representatives do attend, speak and report back.

In addition to training, student representatives receive the following support in order to help them fulfil their role:

Word processing and photocopying services are available free to elected representatives for committee business to enable them to report back to and elicit opinions from students. Student representatives should see the Viv Browne, the student rep co-ordinator.

Student Representatives' Focus Groups: These run every semester and cover vital topics that require input from the undergraduate students of Alliance MBS and related programmes. All sessions are led by a member of staff and feed into improving our facilities, resources and support for students. Student representatives are actively encouraged to set the agenda for these sessions.  

Dedicated notice board space on 'D' floor, AMBS East Building: specific information on the committee/body they will sit on; an introduction to that body and the work it does; adequate notice of its meetings and information on other sources of support such as the Students' Union.

Alliance MBS Student Representatives Certificate:  All Alliance MBS undergraduate student representatives receive a certificate in recognition of their role.

Further information about undergraduate student representation and the role of the student reps in Alliance MBS is available from Viv Browne in AMBS East, room D20.