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Transferring to another degree programme within AMBS

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Transfer between degree programmes within Alliance MBS is permitted only in exceptional circumstances:


In the first year, students who feel they have genuinely chosen the wrong degree programme may be permitted to transfer to another programme within Alliance MBS. This will normally be within the first two weeks of the first semester. All requests to transfer will be considered on an individual basis.


On successful completion of the previous year's study indicated by attainment of the pass mark in the relevant programme. This includes those subjects that the student wishes to discontinue upon transfer.

and where the following conditions are met:

  • A place being available on the programme you wish to change to; and
  • Meeting the entry requirements of the programme you wish to change to; and
  • Final approval from Alliance MBS.

You should make an appointment to see a member of staff from the Student Support and Guidance Team - room 2.091 AMBS. They can advise you on the transfer process and liaise with the Programme Directors, the Director of Undergraduate Studies and your Academic Advisor regarding potential approval for the transfer.

Any requests from BSc International Management (IM) or BSc International Management with American Business Studies (IMABS) students to transfer to the BSc Management with Industrial/Professional Experience programme in the second year must be completed by the end of the first two weeks of teaching in semester one. IM and IMABS students would not be permitted to join the Management with Industrial/Professional Experience programme after this deadline. You should see the Employability and Placement Officer (AMBS 2.091) should you wish to put in a request to transfer.

You will be notified in writing if and when the transfer is approved.

Students wishing to transfer to other University of Manchester programmes or to programmes at any other university should seek advice from, and have a discussion with, their Programme Director or Academic Advisor in the first instance. The decision to accept a student on to a non-AMBS, University of Manchester, programme rests with the School to which the student wishes to transfer. All enquiries should be directed to the relevant School's Admissions Team to ensure they meet the entry requirements and are eligible to transfer.