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SOFAB is the Society of Finance, Accounting and Business and is open to all undergraduate students on Alliance MBS programmes and BA (Econ) programmes of study. It is a society run by students, with the aim of helping its members both academically and socially to make the most of their life at university and to assist them in making career choices. Academically the society organizes events with PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG among others. SOFAB also organizes various social events like pub-crawls and paintball so everyone can get to know each other better and relax away from studying. Join the facebook group where you can send a message to a committee member for any question you have.


AIESEC is the largest student-based organisation in the world and has over 19,000 active members on 1000 University campuses in over 110 countries. It is recognised by the United Nations as the world's best student led organisation, providing members with leadership and interpersonal skills as well as practical business and management experience to complement their degrees. AISEC is based in the Student Association, Sackville Street, North Campus. Its activities are many and various; a typical semester's programme will include visits to companies, visits from distinguished practitioners of Management and a strong social programme. In addition AIESEC runs an international job exchange scheme in the summer vacation and an AIESEC traineeship upon graduation. Recent graduates have found employment in Australia and Singapore.


At MUTIS (Manchester University Trading and Investment Society) we bring together students which share an interest in financial markets, investing & trading. We hold weekly society meetings where we discuss recent news and explore together the world of financial markets by using a practical and critical approach. Members are allocated to trading teams and can choose between a wide range of different sectors including "Renewable Energy", "Forex", "Global Macro" and "Fixed Income" amongst others.

Our Trading Team will strive to equip our members with skills required for pursuing a career in the financial services, give them a better understanding about financial markets and their impacts on the wider community, learning together about fundamental and technical analysis and different kinds of investment strategies. Furthermore, we aim to create networking opportunities for our members as we invite top-professionals from the financial industry to discuss relevant issues from the real world of investment and trading.

Enactus (formerly SIFE)

Enactus is an international organisation present in 36 countries worldwide. In the UK there are 51 university teams who all run volunteer projects both locally and internationally. These projects all abide a certain criterion as each year all teams compete for it to be decided which team runs the most successful projects which follow this criterion.   The judging criterion is along the lines of: ‘Which team most successfully runs volunteer projects which empower individuals and improve social, economic and environmental factors using the positive power of business employed in an entrepreneurial and enterprising way? This should improve both the quality of life and standard of living of the projects beneficiaries.’  

The organisation has a vast amount of business sponsors and a strong reputation amongst graduate employers.  The sponsor list can be seen here:   More specifically about our team, at Enactus Manchester we run 5 volunteering projects.

Come and join us - this counts as MLP hours! Enactus at The University of Manchester is charitable and not for profit.  

Bright Futures Manchester

Please click on this link for the handbook, Bright Futures Manchester.