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Academic contacts

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Dr Anna Goatman is Alliance MBS's Director of Undergraduate Studies. The main purpose of this role is to provide academic leadership for the undergraduate area, specifically developing and overseeing the implementation of strategic academic plans and taking these forward through the committee structure, and liaising and working with counterparts in the other Schools in the Faculty of Humanities to promote, where feasible and desirable, a coordinated strategic approach to undergraduate activities.
Dr Anna Goatman can be contacted by e-mail:

Programme Director

The Programme Director provides overall academic insight for a programme, ensuring that each year of a programme contains appropriate material and monitoring the output and final destination of graduates from the programme. In addition, for joint programmes the Programme Directors are the point of liaison between the two Schools concerned.

BMaP Programme Director

Dr Paul Simpson is the BMaP Programme Director. He provides overall academic insight for the suite of BMaP courses, ensuring that adequate courses are provided to appeal to students at all levels. In addition, for joint programmes the BMaP Director is the academic point of liaison between the Schools concerned. You may contact Dr Paul Simpson with general or specific queries about the academic content of BMaP courses.
Dr Paul Simpson can be contacted by e-mail:

Accounting and Finance Pathway  Director

The BA Econ Accounting and Finance pathway Director is Dr Anna Samsonova-Taddei who can be contacted by e-mail: You may contact Dr Anna Samsonova-Taddei with general or specific queries about the academic content of accounting and finance programmes.

Course Co-ordinator

The Course Co-ordinator is responsible for the design and development of the course unit, coordinating the teaching arrangements and monitoring the quality, and he/she provides the first point of contact to discuss any problems you may have relating to the course. In some cases the Course Coordinator is the only lecturer teaching the course but usually he or she is assisted by other lecturers and seminar staff.

The names of the Course Unit Coordinators are given in the course outline under the "teaching staff" heading. You can find all of the BMaP course outlines via the course unit information database on My Manchester.

You will be notified of the detailed arrangements for delivery of messages and other written material to Course Co-ordinators and other academic staff within lectures at the beginning of the semester. The Course Co-ordinators will provide you with the names and location of the seminar staff for their course. Staff are not in every day as their research commitments frequently take them out of Manchester.

If you need to see a member of staff, please send an email, leave a message giving your telephone number, or you can 'sign up' for an appointment on the office hours schedules displayed outside the staff office doors. You can find staff email addresses, telephone numbers and their location on the staff directory.

If you have a problem, speak first to the Course Unit Co-ordinator, either after a lecture or by making an appointment.

Making Appointments with Accounting and Finance Lecturers and Academic Tutors

A&F academic staff are available to see students for two hours during each week of the semester to answer queries relating to specific courses. Ten minute slots can be booked on-line with academic staff during office hours using the SOHOL system (Staff Office Hours On-Line system). The system enables students to book, cancel or change a time booked with academic staff. You can download a leaflet on how to use the SOHOL system from the above web link. On arrival for your appointment, you should report to the Accounting and Finance Reception in Crawford House, so that a member of the administrative team can inform the academic member of staff that you have arrived. As an alternative to using staff office hours, students can ask questions via course forum web pages.

Questions relating to specific courses should be directed to the relevant lecturer or tutor/seminar leader in the first instance. You should check the course outlines which you are given for individual courses - these often specify how, where and when to contact lecturers.

If you have a relatively straightforward query, a relatively quick method for obtaining an answer would be to e-mail the member of staff concerned. All staff use e-mail and you can find a directory of e-mail addresses on the main University website.

Appointments for Accounting and Finance staff must be made using the SOHOL system or via e-mail.