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Location & facilities


Alliance Manchester Business School is housed in four adjacent buildings on Booth Street West and Booth Street East: Alliance MBS East, Alliance MBS West, Crawford House and Harold Hankins.

Undergraduate Services in Alliance MBS, including the Programme Offices and the Assessment and Student Support Centre, is located mainly on the east side of the third (D) floor of the Alliance MBS East Building - see Building 26 on the campus map.

The teaching rooms in Alliance MBS East are located mainly on the ground floor (B floor) and several seminar rooms are located on E and F floors. There are also three computer clusters for undergraduate students on C floor.


There is the Alliance MBS Eats café on the top floor (F floor) of Alliance MBS East where you can meet friends and colleagues.

It is Alliance MBS policy that food and drink must not be taken into any of the teaching rooms in the schools' buildings.

As an additional point, students also need to be aware that it is also School policy that used chewing gum must be deposited (preferably wrapped up) in waste bins. Chewing gum must not be dropped on the floor or put on desks or chairs anywhere in the schools' building, across University teaching rooms or outside the entrance doors. The School and University endeavours to keep the environment within and immediately outside the buildings clean and in a good state of repair and the cooperation of all members of the School is vital in helping us to achieve this.


There is a photocopier in the Library in the Precinct Centre and others in the University of Manchester Main Library (the Joule Library). The photocopying system works on a card system which is rechargeable, and the approximate cost is 6p per copy.

Stationery and headed paper

Stationery is available for sale at the University of Manchester Students' Union Shop on Oxford Road or in the Barnes Wallis Building, North Campus.

Students are not permitted to use any Alliance MBS (or University of Manchester) headed stationery.